Beware of Aadhaar Enrolment Centres Scam duping people


(Monika) #1

Aadhaar centres in several places are continuing to illegally charge people for registering their Aadhaar or updating details. The enrollment of Aadhaar is supposed to be free and the official fee for changing one’s details is only Rs 25.

Many government authorised and private centres across the country are allegedly duping people by charging them something between Rs 100-500 for the same.

Since December last year, close to 6,000 operators blacklisted for overcharging Aadhaar applicants. Incidents of overcharging were reported primarily from Delhi NCR, Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai and across Jharkhand.

UIDAI has increased the penalty for violation of stipulated guidelines from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 and it has come into effect since July.

Actual aadhaar charges are listed below –

Aadhaar Charges New enrollment: Free

Biometric update for children at age 5 and 15: Free

Biometric update of registered adults: Rs 25

Demographic update (name, address, mobile number, etc.): Rs 25

Finding Aadhaar and black-and-white printout: Rs 10

Finding Aadhaar and Colour printout: Rs 20****