Beware of Fraud calls in the name of LIC


(Monika) #1

Hi Friends,

I received a call about my policy ,that time i was not aware of this type of frauds,so now am telling you my story,my LIC agent Sidharth Mehra and Soni of 11M branch they unite with other peoples and make calls to
own customer. I got a call from a person whose name is Ashok Mittal,he called me and said there is a bonus on your policy around 75000 ,you want it or not initially i hanged up my phone but after 2-3 month i got same call from same name so that i was thinking may be i was wrong they are real people so i listen his story, he said if you want your bonus, you have to take one policy and after 40 days you will get your bonus in your account otherwise this goes to your agent and you will not claim this after that i consult with my agent he said that its true call Ashok Mittal is working in CP Branch you take policy whatever he said you will get the benefit,But after 3 moth of this incident there was no response from both of then so i visit CP Branch they said this is fraud call.

So people if you get these kind of call just ignor them ,LIC only pay bonus in your account even maturity amount also paid in only your account.

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