Beware of Tech Support Scam


(Sandeep Verma) #1

A Coshocton County senior citizen reported buying computer protection from a company calling themselves Embridge Technology in March. BBB believes he may have gotten an unsolicited phone call or pop-up on his computer screen that initiated the conversation. In July, the “company” called him back, claimed they had lost their license, and wanted to refund him the money. They asked for control of his computer and his account information so they could deposit $3,000. Then they claimed that they overpaid the refund amount and asked the consumer to purchase iTunes gift cards with the extra money and provide the PIN numbers to them to make up for the difference. He read them $950 worth of gift cards before realizing he was being scammed. The scammers did still have control of his computer, and he is now unable to turn it on.

A large tech company will most likely not call consumers who did not request a call previously. A trustworthy business or organization will also not overpay you an amount of money and ask for you to wire funds back or purchase gift cards.

Furthermore, be wary of anyone calling and asking to take control of your computer. If you do not personally know and trust this person, then you should not let them have access to your machine and private information.

Did you fall in SCAM of Tech Support Scam share your story to help others.